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March 30, 2019 — Amanda Watkins


Kelley said:

Bought holiday soaps from Amanda for teacher gifts. Everyone was in love! Most of them were hoping they were getting more as I gave them some last year. She never disappoints and I will continue to purchase as much as I can!!

Bethany said:

The Watkins Originals products are amazing! The quality of the products are comparable to Lush and products at Sephora. The soaps smell just as amazing as they sound! The whip is incredible for shaving! I don’t want to use anything else. Amanda is so friendly and responds quickly. I love supporting this local gem!!

Barbara West said:

If you already received this, please disregard. I was ready to post comment and it just disappeared.

My daughter sent us a gift box of your products. We enjoyed everyone of them. I especially like your pumpkin whip. Hooray, no more razor burn. Thank you so much for your dedication to excellence.

Brittany said:

Amanda’s Pumpkin whip is divine and all her soaps and lip balms are fabulous! They make wonderful gifts and give a little daily pampering to your day. Sometimes the locals even get hand delivery by “the sparkle soap fairy” per my daughter! You will love all Watkins Original products too!

Marie Dufault said:

You will not go wrong by selecting Amanda’s high quality soaps & gifts. Lots of loving attention to detail created these treasures!

Lorie said:

All of these soaps are so beautiful ! Smell delicious you could almost eat them . The charcoal soaps are my favorite. The past year it’s the ONLY soap I’ve even used on my face. They make excellent gifts for birthdays, holidays and thank you gifts for teachers . Not to mention Amanda really has a passion for soap making and all soaps are made with love 💗Great product, thank you !!!!

Gina said:

I bought a large order of soaps for favors for a colleague’s bridal shower. They were so beautiful and Amanda customized them to match the colors and theme. They looked great and were so appreciated. Usually, there are favors left over because some people pass on them, but there were none left! Everyone loved them!!! We put a cute note on them, “from our shower to yours”

Edie said:

Amanda’s soap is amazing! Use the coffee soap if you have an outdoor shower. All of her soaps are long lasting and leave my skin soft and smooth. If I ever run out I can’t imagine using anything else, I’d just have to be stinky!

Kate Scheuritzel said:

Amanda’s soaps stand out among artisan soaps I’ve purchased (and I’m a bit of an addict!) for the lovely way they lather and for the way the scents in the scented soaps stay true right to the last sliver of soap. I love them! And, I’m super confident when I give them as gifts.

Kelley said:

Love Amanda’s soaps! I bought multiple for teacher gifts and they all loved them! My personal favorite is the soap with the loofah in it. Great exfoliation and leaves your skin so soft. Will definitely keep purchasing! XOXO

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